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Are you bored?
Well, after watching these 2 great websites, on youtube from Chris Pirillo.

I am an artist, and I like those live one on one websites where you and many other users can draw and join and draw things. This is something like that but more easier on the noggin!


You go to this website, I am sure I have gone to this once before. It might have been years from now but I know this website well enough. You draw something, then hit submit. Then you will be sent to someone who is drawing something.. you can draw again.. and do the same process over and over


Once here, you can go to the top of the page and join, and this one is fun. You can look at other peoples things, and if you click the animation button on the bottom. You can see it being made LIVE!

check them out.. I did, let me know what you have seen..


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